3 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Small Business

With so many social media platforms out there, it’s tough to know how to promote your small business. You may feel like a tiny raindrop in a hurricane of information. But with several practical steps, you can reach your target audience.

There are literally millions of social media users. According to Statista, 81 percent of Americans have a social media profile. This is way up compared to the 24 percent back in 2008. It is even a 5 percent increase from last year’s 76 percent. All these users and companies make lots of noise. Don’t be part of the static. Stand out with a distinctly clear message using these tips.

Tips for Facebook

First and foremost, make a page for your small business. Use attractive graphics and concise content. It’s not enough to just post interesting content. You have to make sure people are seeing it. Make connections by joining several groups that relate to your small business. People are constantly looking for recommendations and advice on everything from plumbing to fashion. For example, an interior designer and mother joined a local moms Facebook group. Someone asked for a recommendation for an interior designer, and she responded back. Another time, a friend recommended her within the same Facebook group. She received business from the exact client she targets by being part of this Facebook group.

Tips for Twitter

Twitter can be intimidating with its character count and hashtags, but don’t miss out on this valuable tool. Using key hashtags helps create networks of individuals who share the same interests, including the product or service of your local business. Twitter users can find you based on a single hashtag, and you can have individual conversations with customers who have found you. You also can send personalized tweets to individual customers that cater directly to their needs instead of spewing generalized pleas into cyberspace.

Tips for Instagram

Don’t just aimlessly post a few pictures here and there and expect people to flood your business. Start with a beautiful profile pic and an interesting (not boring!) bio description. Make sure to link to your website as well.

Next, create a photo campaign, and stick with it. Everyone loves to look at beautiful pictures and lots of them. Maybe your business is working toward a major event. Perhaps you have exciting new inventory arriving. Think of a major item to promote and then snap, filter, repeat.

Make sure to hashtag all your photos — this creates valuable connections for you. For example, #reclaimedwood could send you clients looking for special furniture pieces. They will see your picture and potentially buy your piece. It’s a good idea to also hashtag your city or your city’s local business/tourism board’s hashtag (ie. #sharethelex for Lexington, KY) to boost local business.

It is daunting to keep track of all your social media accounts. Use applications like Hootsuite that let you post on multiple social media platforms at once. You can also schedule your posts up to weeks in advance to reduce the workload of your small staff.

With these tips, you are on your way to a practical and well-planned social media campaign. Remember to tell your story and keep it interesting. Be a helper. Clients will come to you with their business.

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