5 Great Ways to Build Your Customer Base

Getting your own business up and running is no small feat. Even after your doors are opened, your website is up or your product is launched, you will find there’s still work to be done. Gaining and maintaining a solid customer base is your key to ongoing success. Bearing such importance in mind, here are five great marketing tips that we hope will help you expand your business.

1. The Follow Through

When networking, don’t just meet and greet. Use those business cards you’ve collected, and email the people you’ve met. Let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them, ask if you can help them, and offer to share resources. Frequent, friendly contact will help bring you to mind when people need a product you can provide.

2. Social Media Overlap

You never know who’s going to find your business, but the more visible you are, the more attention you stand to attract. Don’t limit yourself to one platform; instead, consider Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,YouTube and more. Utilize the strengths of each platform by considering how it can serve you best: as an ad, a resume, a sample? Be sure to link your accounts — not just to one another, but back to your website, email or blog, as well.

3. Consumer Reviews

Nothing beats a referral for convincing potential buyers. This comprehensive consumer survey by Ogilvy, Google and TNS found that 74 percent of consumers relied on word-of-mouth recommendations when considering a purchase. Have your customers tell their friends! The same survey also found that buying decisions are heavily influenced by YouTube videos, which give people a chance not only to examine the product but also to hear and read consumer responses before they buy.

4. Personalization

One of the most recent trends in business and marketing, as noted in this Deloitte consumer review, is the rise of personalization. This trend can take many forms, from products geared toward a customer’s location or age range, to those which allow almost full customization of the finished product. Consider the ways in which your own product can offer a unique personal touch to your customers.

5. Creative Networking Sites

Think outside the conference room. You can meet interested clients anywhere, any time, so try out some unconventional locations that appeal to you: your favorite pub, a craft fair, your martial arts dojo or even your local poetry readings — anywhere you’d like to become a regular face. Sponsoring a local sports team is a great way to get to know — and become known in — the community.

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