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5 Sweet Ways Small Businesses Can Show Love to Their Employees

You don’t need a special occasion or a holiday to show your team that you appreciate their fine work. Showing the people who make your small business possible gratitude can be done whenever you want. The only question you face is in how you show that gratitude. Here are five ways you can do that:

  1.  Make an Event

Parties are a fantastic way to both show gratitude and improve office morale. You don’t need to have a specific reason for them either. Just throwing one can help employees blow off steam and remind them that they’re more than a stack of numbers – they’re people who also need fun social activity.

Attendants will vary depending on the size of the party. Sometimes, you’ll just want employees there and keep it cozy. Larger parties should also include worker families. You and your team will, at times, sacrifice quality time with loved ones for the small business. Inviting these loved ones to celebrate with you is an acknowledgment of that sacrifice and in some small way, a way to repay that debt.

  1.  Help Employees Show Gratitude to Each Other or to Clients

Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday where people eat turkeys- it’s something your employees can do. You’re not the only one who’s grateful for everyone who makes success possible for the small business. Your employees may also want to show some love, and you can help them do that.

For example, you could print out coupons for your salespeople to hand out to high-value clients. Alternatively, you could make a deal with another company that shares clients with you so you can offer discounts to those same clients. For times when you want to have employees show appreciation with you, you can do something like a secret Santa event. It is fun, exciting, and you could even set a budget limit to make it affordable.

  1.  Send Notes

You don’t always have to go big when showing your employees some love. Small gestures can have just as much impact as a big awards ceremony, and you can do them a lot more often. Every day, you can send notes to a few employees as pats on the back or acknowledgment of a recently well-done task.

You can also send them some notes when they’re struggling on a task. Instead of congratulating them, you can show your faith in them and tell them that you believe in them. Gratitude isn’t just for jobs well done; it’s for the effort employees put into their work as well.

  1.  Off-Site Adventures

In-office parties are fun, but they’re not the only way you can have fun with your employees. Excursions to team-building or popular vacation sites are a great way to show that you appreciate what they’ve done for you. Often, it’s as simple as hiring a bus and getting a discounted deal, and then you’re off to the races.

If you’ve got some wiggle room in the budget, you can even let the employees vote on where they want to go. This gives them a sense of control over their enjoyment, and they’ll generally have more fun if they get to choose where to have a quick vacation.

  1.  Thank Them

The simplest way to show gratitude is to just thank your team for their hard work. Most small business owners opt for a big message sent to everyone expressing their gratitude. Others can, due to the size of their companies, single out every single employee and thank them for something specific they’ve done in the past year. The tone can be whatever you want it to be, and it can shift throughout the letter, but it always has to be heartfelt and true.

Working at a small business is often a scary proposition. While not as tenuous as a brand new startup, it still has challenges that employees would not face had they chosen to work at a more established company. Don’t just be thankful for their work – express your gratitude.


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