8 Questions You Cannot Ask In A Job Interview

The political climate in the U.S has become much more pervasive, and people are not afraid to sue when they are offended. This attitude has permeated much of society and has inspired a series of laws that make certain types of interview questions illegal. A well-prepared candidate knows what an interviewer can and cannot ask and utilizes that information to keep the interview focused on getting the job.

Any Question Regarding Marital Status

Companies have a lot of reasons for wanting to know a candidate’s marital status, but asking about it in an interview is illegal.

Any Question Regarding Age

Many tech companies are fixated on creating a young and dynamic staff, but they will have to do that without asking about age. There are several federal laws in place that make it illegal for companies to ask about or discriminate against workers based on age, religion and sexual orientation.

Any Question About Finances

Most companies get around asking about finances by pulling a credit report on candidates prior to the interview. In some instances, questions about finances are legitimate because the job may require the candidate to handle money. But in general, companies are not allowed to ask a candidate about their finances.

Have You Ever Been Arrested?

Candidates need to understand that employers can ask about past convictions, but they cannot request a full arrest record.

Any Question Pertaining To Health

The rising cost of health insurance makes companies conscious about bringing on new employees with health problems, but the truth is that a company cannot ask about your health in an interview.

Your Social Habits

Employers may look up a candidate’s social media handles, which is a widely accepted practice in the corporate world. But a company cannot ask you about your social habits such as where you vacation, your drinking habits and the friends you keep.

Any Question About Political Preferences

Politics has become a hot topic that polarizes people in many ways. As interesting as politics may be, an employer cannot ask about your political preferences in an interview.

Any Question About Location

If an interviewer asks a candidate where they live, the candidate does not have to answer that question. Some companies try to avoid hiring candidates from certain neighborhoods or districts, and that is why asking about location is illegal.

A candidate wants to keep a job interview focused on the job and whether or not the interviewer feels the candidate is qualified. When the interviewer tries to get off-track with illegal questions, the candidate should stand up for their rights and keep the discussion focused on the available position.

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