Can We Help You? – Small Business Financing From MCS

If you have operated your business for more than 6 months and generate at least $10k/month in gross sales then your business is eligible for our financing. Seize the opportunity to unleash the growth potential of your business with additional working capital for:


Inventory- Take advantage of volume discounts, special buying opportunities or seasonal purchases.

Advertising- Increase the volume of your business by expanding your customer base and increasing your customer’s awareness of your products/services.

Expansion/Remodeling- Grow your business into new markets and new locations, or attract new business to your existing locations with a new image!

Equipment Purchases- Modernize and improve the efficiency of your business with new technology and equipment necessary to compete in your markets.

Emergencies- Respond to the unpredictable demands of your business to maintain your competitive advantage and expand your business.

Taxes- When taxes are due, taxes are due! Pay your taxes on time to avoid penalties, interest and liens.

Back Bills- Get caught up with important vendors in less than 5 business days.


We all believe in the old adage that “it takes money to make money,” and our mission is to provide your business with the cash you need to expand your business and unlock its true potential.

A Small Business Loan or a Merchant Cash Advance from Merchant Capital Source gives you the ability to successfully manage your working capital – which is key to the overall success of your business. Many businesses struggle to maintain an adequate amount of working capital. Even highly profitable businesses experience periods of limited cash flow and need to access working capital to operate successfully. If your business has a need for capital we are your solution.


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