Are These Everyday Tasks Killing Your Productivity?

You take on a lot when you start your own small business. Every task can contribute to the success of your company, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing everything yourself. However, you hamstring your growth rate when you take on too many productivity-killing everyday duties. Consider bringing on an administrative assistant or a virtual assistant to take some of these loads off your shoulders.

Answering the Phone

Every time you drop what you’re doing to answer the phone, you break your concentration and may set yourself back constantly throughout the day. Put together a few phone scripts and a frequently asked questions document so your assistant can screen calls and help customers out effectively. You still have the opportunity to reach out to people who want to hear from you, while committing your time to high-skill tasks.

Checking Email

You get notifications on your computer, phone and tablet every time a new email comes in. The typical person looks at their email 36 times an hour. Even if you don’t go quite that far, you may wonder why the day goes so fast but you only got half of your to-do list done. Delegating email management keeps you focused. You can create filters that send high priority messages to your inbox while filtering everything else to an assistant.

Posting on Social Media

Social media profiles give you a valuable way to hear directly from your customers and audience without an intermediary, but it comes at a productivity cost. You can get caught up in conversations with people or end up checking your personal accounts. An assistant can write and schedule your posts, monitor follower comments, and give you information about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

As a small business owner, delegating effectively is an essential leadership skill. While you can handle these three tasks yourself, think about all the other productive things you could do with this time. An assistant can take over these job duties, while you put all of your effort to managing your company and helping it thrive.

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