Lead Generation Business Funnel ConceptFill Your Sales Funnel: 5 Tips for Engaging Lead Generation

All companies want the same thing: a streamlined sales funnel that engages customers at all points. But how do you create this? Luckily, the process is easier than it may seem.

By following these five tips, it’s easy to create a functional, effective sales funnel that supports your company goals and encourages customer engagement — from introduction to sale.

1. Ensure All Sales Content Is Diverse

When customers enter your sales funnel, they want to find unique content. What’s more, they want to continue finding unique content as they move through the funnel. Nothing is more damaging to your engagement rates that content that regurgitates the same message over and over again.

Avoid this by being careful to craft unique and compelling content aimed at engaging customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. This helps you meet customers’ unique needs and separate yourself from the competition.

2. Produce Plenty of Educational Content

Today’s consumers are primarily driven by value. Because of this, it’s critical to create high-quality, engaging content that helps readers solve problems and learn new things. When you populate your site with this material, your sales funnel virtually fills itself.

3. Don’t Forget to Follow-Up

After you’ve connected with a lead, following up is an effective way to solidify the relationship and keep the lead engaged. For best results, schedule follow-up emails or use a service like SocialOomph to send automated direct messages on Twitter. As long as you keep these messages highly personalized (by including the lead’s name, for example), this tactic can have a significant positive impact on your engagement rates.

4. Define (and Redefine) Your Target Personas

If you’ve noticed that your sales funnel engagement is lacking, it may be time to revisit your target personas. If they’re not as spot-on as they once were, now is a good time to overhaul them. By making sure that your target personas are detailed, relevant and current, it’s easy to craft relevant sales content for all of your various audiences.

5. Streamline Your Funnel’s Options

A funnel should be simple and direct. Too many options confuse consumers, and trimming the fat can help move customers through. With this in mind, keep your funnel easy to navigate and populated with only the most critical options.

More Engaging Sales Content at Your Fingertips

While creating a dynamic sales experience can feel difficult, these five tips will simplify the process and make it more valuable and enjoyable for both you and your consumers.

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