Google Tools to Promote Your Small Business

Google is one of the most widely-known internet brands. But it is not merely a search engine. There are many ways Google helps you to build your business’ online presence in a way that helps customers to find you. Here are some to get you started.

Google Trends

Google trends helps you to determine what keywords are popularly searched in your industry. You can determine search volume for specific terms and see trends over time. You can also compare word variations in order to find the one that’s most used in your target geographic regions. Using Google Trends can help you to develop text-based content that drives traffic to your website.

Google MyBusiness

Especially relevant when you are in competition with similar businesses in your area, MyBusiness allows you to put your best foot forward on the search engine. By creating a Google MyBusiness listing, you can make sure your up-to-date contact information, website and hours are the first things people see when they Google terms relevant to your products and services.


Google Adsense and Google Ads

Google has two distinct advertising programs. Google Adsense allows you to place other people’s ads on your website and earn revenue for hosting them. Google Ads allows you to place your own ads for your business elsewhere on the web. You pay a fee every time someone clicks those ads. Whether you want to pay to drive traffic to your business, or make money from visitors who’ve already found you, these programs can help.

Google Analytics and Google Data Studio

Part of running a successful business is tracking the success of your previous efforts. Therefore, it’s vital to know not just how many people found your website, but how they got there. Google has two such tools to help you achieve this: Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. While many people are familiar with Google Analytics, few might be aware of Data Studio, which allows you to translate those numbers into useful graphics that you can apply to future marketing efforts.

Regardless of your industry, your online presence is central to your business success. By using the various tools offered by Google, you can find the best way to reach your customers and devise innovative plans to retain them for the long term.

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