Hiring Through Facebook: How to Use Facebook Job Postings Effectively

Early in 2017, Facebook introduced a new job posting feature in the US and Canada that would expand to 40 countries worldwide in February of 2018. Since then, more and more businesses have turned to Facebook as a platform for finding new employees. Like any hiring platform, though, it’s important to use Facebook correctly if you want to see great results from it. Here’s what you need to know to use Facebook job posts to effectively recruit new employees.

What Kind of Jobs Are Best Posted on Facebook?

Although businesses of all sorts can advertise their open positions through Facebook job postings, the platform is best suited to small businesses looking for lower-skilled workers. For white collar, professional positions, LinkedIn is generally a more suitable platform. In the case of workers with a blue collar background, however, Facebook is an excellent tool for hiring.

Best Practices for Creating Facebook Job Listings

The most important part of creating a successful Facebook job listing is targeting the post to the right audience. Facebook’s internal targeting features make it extremely easy to show your job posting to the target demographics who will be most interested in it. Ideally, you should target your job post to people living in your local area who have interests related to your business niche. With a bit of simple targeting, you can make sure that your job post is shown to people who fit the mold of your ideal candidate for the position.

When posting a job on Facebook, it’s also worthwhile to make it appealing to the people who already like your business’ page. Facebook users who follow your posts and interact with your page are usually prospective customers, but they can also be good candidates for your open jobs. Try to structure your job post in a similar way to your usual marketing posts so as to target the people who are already engaging with your brand in their capacity as customers.

Finally, it’s important to discuss more than just the position you are posting for. Highlight your company’s culture and the opportunities prospective employees may have for future career advancement within your organization. By showing workers a positive view of your company and the opportunities it will give them, you can encourage them to apply and make it more likely that you’ll attract well-qualified candidates with the skills and experience you need.

Used correctly, Facebook job postings can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to bring on new employees. If your business is searching for extra manpower, consider posting your next job on Facebook.

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