HR Should Help Find Balance Between Entrepreneurial Spirit & Structure

Human resource administrators are tasked with a seemingly endless variety of responsibilities. From recruiting to training and everything in between, HR is the backbone to any successful organization, no matter its size, mission or industry. In a dynamic marketplace that is constantly pushing companies to streamline operations and make their businesses more efficient, HR is also responsible for creating a tone and structure within the workplace that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit while establishing a healthy, cooperative and team-oriented environment.

While those two ideals can be difficult to balance, they are in no way mutually exclusive if a few key points are recognized and infused into the office environment. Once that balance is found and maintained, the entire organization benefits with the innovation and forward-thinking mentality provided by an entrepreneurial perspective. When coupled with the proper office structure, companies can maintain healthy, robust work environments.
The Proper Mindset Starts at the Top
As companies grow, adopting a more structured workplace occurs naturally as part of the typical corporate evolution process. While there are obvious benefits to such a process, creating a uniformity that lends itself to greater efficiency, it can also be tremendously stifling to innovative thinking.
To combat a company-wide sense of malaise, executives should not only preach a dynamic mindset but put it to use with incentive programs and open lines of communication. Humans are naturally motivated by incentives such as recognition and monetary rewards and thrive within systems that promote desired outcomes. Executives need to establish programs that delineate clear lines of communication among departments and deter employees and supervisors from developing the foreboding sense of repudiation that is so common within growing companies.
An incentive program that rewards employees for maintaining a perspective that doesn’t necessarily stay in lockstep with an overbearing corporate mindset can be crucial in creating a workforce that isn’t afraid to voice new ideas and never stops trying.
An Open Office Atmosphere
Likewise, the office environment itself can be pivotal in developing an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the organization. Giving employees work stations that are more interesting than an infinite row of cubicles can be extremely beneficial in creating a balance between productivity and imagination. Flexible schedules, telecommuting and similar benefits can also enhance innovation by allowing employees to maximize their individual creativity and efficiency.
Of course, every company is different, and what might work well for one organization could be an unmitigated disaster for another. The most important notion to keep in mind is that the vitality and entrepreneurial spirit that exists in every workforce needs a certain degree of freedom to truly shine. When it does, the entire organization benefits.

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