Inbound Recruiting: The New Way to Secure Qualified Talent

Inbound recruiting has become a highly effective method of sourcing potential job candidates. In fact, it is quickly replacing traditional outbound ways of growing qualified talent pools. The concept of inbound recruitment methodologies are simple – attract and source the right candidates, convert their interest, and build brand credibility.

Here are some simple ways you can deploy inbound recruitment strategies in your own organization.

Attracting and Sourcing

Your ability to attract prospective employees shouldn’t begin and end with your company’s job posting on an employment board. Rather, efforts should be taken before this step to create a funnel of interest around your organization itself. This begins by humanizing your brand and defining your company culture on your website, social networks, and career pages. To attract the right candidates, you need to showcase what makes your company special. Make your audience jump at the opportunity to work for your company.

Converting Interest

Converting interest into a job application is the next stage of the inbound recruitment process. You accomplish this through a variety of mediums. Strategic calls to action on company career pages are a great place to start. Keyword-optimized job listings and a balance of both content-rich and creative elements are also great ways to showcase what life is like working at your organization. Makes it easy for candidates to apply to your organization on their mobile phones, through their social media accounts, and on their favorite job boards.

Engaging and Building Credibility

Whether you hire a particular candidate or not, growing your talent pool over time requires regular engagement. The candidate’s interview and hiring experience can play a major role in the overall credibility of your company and can impact your ability to find qualified talent down the road. Using surveys to help streamline your hiring practices will encourage long-term brand loyalty. This will help your talent pool sustain interest in your organization and significantly increase the likelihood of employee referrals.

Inbound recruiting continues to be an effective way of sourcing qualified talent pools and maintaining them over time. By incorporating these basic strategies to attract new candidates and covert their interest, you can streamline your hiring practices and significantly reduce the time it takes to find your next new hire.

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