Why LinkedIn Is the Best Online Recruiting Platform

LinkedIn is one of the most unique professional services in the vast digital landscape. Where else can people create a profile detailing their career-related experiences, write thought leadership articles, connect with their network, and search for the latest job opportunities using just one website?

LinkedIn’s seamless integration of a social network, job board and career profile makes it the most powerful job recruiting tool on the web. This comprehensive combination allows recruiters to get a holistic view into the professional story of potential candidates.

Social Network

According to Social Times, 92 percent of recruiters use some form of social media to recruit candidates. Eighty-seven percent are using LinkedIn — that’s over 30 percent more than the number using the next highest utilized social network.

The fact that LinkedIn is a social network dedicated to professional purposes makes it exponentially easier for candidates to tell their career story. And, for recruiters using LinkedIn’s sophisticated recruiting software, it is much easier to target, search for and sift through qualified candidates.

For both job seekers and those who need to fill positions, the ability to explore the commonalities of others within their network allows for a deeper connection in the initial stages of outreach.

Career Profile Beyond the Resume

Resumes, within the confines of a strict format, only let candidates relay limited information. Building out a LinkedIn profile allows candidates to tell the entirety of their experience, including work history, education, side hustles, volunteering, passions and skills. It’s also the only platform where any published thought leadership content is synced up with professional history.

Recruiters get a better sense of who a person is when exploring a candidate’s profile. Instead of simply looking for key phrases and titles that align with the job opening, recruiters can dig into tangential information that would typically be left off of a traditional resume. This can put a candidate who seemed unqualified at first glance back in the running for the job.

Job Board Connected to a Social Network

LinkedIn’s job board feature is different from the rest of the online job boards available. Aside from being integrated into a professional social network, users can receive notifications about a curated selection of jobs based on their past experience, skills and career interests. Recruiters get only submissions from candidates with aligned skills and experience — those that have no correlation to the job description are weeded out.

LinkedIn also offers sponsored postings that can be targeted towards candidates with the experience and skills that a recruiter may be looking for. While other services have this option, LinkedIn is the only platform that can tap into the treasure trove of data from the aforementioned career profile.

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