Managing Your Millennial Workforce: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

We toss the term “millennials” around regularly, but who exactly are these people? They are likely a large percentage of your current workforce.

Millennials were born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials grew up surrounded by a diverse group and consider working in teams to be the most efficient. Their co-workers are also their friends.

What Millennials Want

Millennials like flexibility and want frequent feedback on their job performance. They expect challenges, and are confident in their abilities. They will seek leadership roles and may rebel if they become bored.

Working with millennials can be interesting, but may require a few specific adaptations to accommodate their unique character traits. Effectively manage your millennials and you’ll have a competent, trained employee pool for your business.

Keep It Structured

Millennials are most satisfied in an organized environment. They want routine monthly reports on specific due dates and stable work hours. When planning a meeting, keep it structured with a printed agenda, and be certain to take minutes. Business goals, large and small, should be clearly defined. There needs to be a tool for assessing progress. Define assignments and delineate the benchmarks that indicate success.

Put Their Attitude to Work for You

“I can do this” is the mantra all millennials recite. They apply this attitude to everything they attempt. They feel ready to conquer the world and believe they have the skills to do it. Channel that enthusiasm into a positive outcome for your business.

Let Them Multitask

Millennials like to multitask; in fact, they thrive on it. If they engage in a phone conversation while writing email and responding to instant messages, don’t interrupt them. And don’t panic; this is a normal fact of life for them. Without a variety of different tasks and goals to pursue each week, your millennials may lapse into boredom.

Go Heavy on the Technology

Millennials grew up with smartphones and social media. Use that skill to the advantage of your business. Your millennials have an affinity for networking and group activities, and this can be a plus for your business. They routinely network electronically around the world, and are popular employees because of it.

Give Them a Voice at the Table

Millennials have formulated their own opinions and ideas, and they don’t like feeling ignored. They want you to hear them and to take them seriously. Don’t leave them out of important decisions and projects.

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