Why Recruiting Firms Make Sense for Small and Medium-Sized Business

Small and medium-sized businesses compete with each other and large businesses for market share and building a strong customer base. They also compete with businesses of all sizes when looking for the most talented people to become their employees.

Many small businesses don’t have an HR department, and recruiting is done by the owner or business manager. This means that time usually devoted to building the business and making sure it runs smoothly is spent instead on recruitment and hiring,

Most entrepreneurs don’t have the experience, training and knowledge needed to recruit the best candidates. Using a recruiting firm can make all the difference.

Benefits of Using Recruitment Firms for Small Businesses

There are several ways recruitment firms help in the recruitment process:

  1. Keeping the recruitment process legal is one of the most important benefits small and medium-sized businesses gain when they use recruitment firms. A recruitment firm has the needed experience to avoid asking prohibited questions, and it makes sure the prospect signs off for background and credit checks.
  2. Recruitment firms advertise on your behalf if they don’t have enough qualified candidates on their roster.
  3. Recruitment firms save employees money. They advertise, interview, run background and credit checks, and free up your time to run the business.
  4. The prospects sent to you by a recruitment company are candidates, not applicants. The difference is you only interview and hire the most qualified person for your open position.
  5. Employees hired through a recruitment process tend to remain on the job because they are a good fit. When a company hires on its own, turnover is higher — and high turnover translates to higher costs.

Tips to Get the Most From a Recruiting Firm

Following are a few tips for getting the most from a recruiting firm:

  1. Look for companies that specialize in your industry. A recruiting firm that specializes in finding engineering prospects is probably not the best choice if you are looking for an accountant.
  2. Be explicit when explaining your needs to the recruitment company.
  3. Though most hires sourced from recruiting firms do work out, occasionally they don’t. The best recruiting firms know this and have processes in place to make things right.

Businesses have many reasons for hiring a recruiting firm, including saving money, improving the hiring process and reducing turnover. When you are choosing a recruitment firm, use the same due diligence you would when seeking a small business loan.

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