Simplify Your Menu to Increase Your Profits

A simplified menu that showcases your signature dishes can help you strengthen your brand and increase sales. Customers typically head right for the lowest-priced items, veering away from more expensive and difficult-to-understand dishes. You can target customers who want the most popular items by offering a single, higher-price dish with your current add-ons advertised as free options. For example, instead of offering a $6 burger with a $2 side salad or small order of fries, think of offering an $8 burger with a free side salad or small order of fries. The “free” makes the customers feel like they’re getting something extra. In addition, you’ve increased the cost of your most popular item. Another benefit is that you have allowed the customers to design their entree.

Keep Options Available

Simplifying your menu does not mean you have to cut other premium add-ons. You can continue to advertise more expensive add-ons for an additional price: “$1.50 extra for sweet potato fries or avocado.”

Before you think of cutting any options from your simplified menu, research which add-ons are the most profitable. Alcohol, coffee and tea, and soup are low-cost, high-yield items for cafes. Combo meals of several different items, such as chicken nuggets, fries, a junior bacon cheeseburger and a drink, or a sandwich, chips, piece of fruit, and bottle of water are generating big profits for fast food restaurants and Starbucks.

Boost Sales of Your Most Popular Dish

There are a number of tricks to designing your menu to boost sales of your most popular item. First, put that item at the top of the list on the menu or in its category. Next, limit the amount of items in each category to 10 dishes. This helps customers make a decision and reduce ordering time.

Make sure to put the price in the description of the food, near the end of the text. This will encourage customers to focus on the food rather than the price. In addition, offer foods in small and large sizes. This will help customers avoid food and spending waste, and save you money on labor and raw materials.

Tweak Your Menu as You Go

After trying these ideas, see which ones worked best for you. Think of modifying the strategy further to change how your customers see you and your menu. For example, if offering a single premium item at a higher price worked, think of pairing that item with your most popular alcoholic beverage or soft drink, and add-ons for it.

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