The Six Most Common ‘Bad Boss’ Habits

Most employees have at least one horror story about an awful boss they had to deal with at some point in their career. Indeed, a recent survey by Monster saw more than a third of respondents rate their boss as “horrible” or worse. With that stark statistic in mind, how can you tell if there’s a bad boss wreaking havoc in your company? Here are six warning signs that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. They’re Never Wrong

However good a manager is at their job, they cannot possibly be perfect. If they never seem to put a foot wrong forward, consider whether it’s due to their unrivalled talent, or simply because they’re offloading their failures and missteps onto the employees beneath them.

2. They Manage Everything

Even some of the better bosses fall into the trap of micromanagement. Apart from being an inefficient use of resources, micromanaging can make employees feel as though they have no control or responsibility, and it can negatively impact their performance.

3. They Take All The Credit

The polar opposite of the boss who blames their mistakes on their employees, the credit hog instead soaks up all the acclaim for any projects that go well. If the recognition for the achievements of a team is being lapped up solely by their manager, it might be time to intervene and make sure that everyone who contributed gets their fair share.

4. They Have Favorites

It’s important for a manager to be at least somewhat impartial. Although they’ll naturally have varying relationships with the people on their team, it’s crucial that they don’t discriminate or pick favorites. A good boss should be able to treat everyone who works for them equally, regardless of their personal feelings.

5. They Don’t Help Their Employees Grow

One of the things that great bosses do well is to cultivate their employees. Ineffective managers, on the other hand, will often be too lazy or disinterested to even think about helping their workers grow in their careers — and might even be afraid of allowing anyone to advance in case by doing so they make themselves obsolete!

6. They’re Tetchy

All of the above traits are bad, but by far the most destructive habit a boss can develop is a bad temper. Negativity, anger and unpredictable behavior not only make for an unpleasant atmosphere, but also a workplace that any sensible employee will want to flee as soon as they can.

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