Top 10 B2B Digital Marketing Trends

One of the most important things you, as a business owner, can do in this increasingly digital age is invest in digital marketing services. If you also rely on B2B marketing, you would be well-served to keep abreast of the latest B2B digital marketing trends. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 B2B digital marketing trends for 2016 and beyond.

Trend #1: Are we moving to a post-digital era?

According to some experts, the success of digital marketing efforts will soon rely on our ability to integrate digital marketing with more traditional forms of marketing. This is leading many people to call this a “post-digital” era.

Trend #2: The user experience matters

It’s not enough to just have good content — your website must be readily accessible, and readable, by everyone who sees it.

Trend #3: Digital marketing, as a term, is redundant

Nearly everyone in the developed world is online, so “digital marketing” has become redundant. Any marketing plan worth anything is going to include digital marketing, so the term is just “marketing” now.

Trend #4: Social media matters

No matter which platform you use — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a combination of all of the above — you have to use social media to stay in touch with your customers and to generate more customer leads.

Trend #5: Keyword phrases are more important than keywords

This is pretty self-explanatory: it’s all about a string of words together, not one word by itself.

Trend #6: Advocate marketing will get you repeat customers

Eighty-four percent of B2B buyers rely on word-of-mouth marketing. Take that into account when preparing your marketing plan for 2016 and beyond.

Trend #7: Don’t forget email marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing still works in this new digital age. You just have to make sure to make your emails communicative, rather than salesy.

Trend #8: Don’t forget mobile marketing

As we move toward a more mobile way of living, the importance of marketing that’s specifically tailored for phones and tablets cannot be understated.

Trend #9: Calls to action are essential

You need to incentivize your customer base to get in touch with you. The only way they will is if they have a call to action inviting them to do so.

Trend #10: Strategy is most important

Above all else, make sure you have a proper digital marketing strategy in place. Even the best-made efforts will fall apart without a proper strategy.

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