Top 5 Breakfast Choices of Successful Business Owners

An entrepreneur must have many essential leadership skills in order to succeed, but did you know that eating a good breakfast is also important?

Be honest. How many of you simply gulp down a cup of coffee, some bland toast and a multivitamin before heading out the door? Sure, you’re saving time by avoiding a time-consuming, bigger breakfast. Still, you’re also doing your mind and body a huge disservice, and you’ll definitely be feeling it by midday.

Opt for at least one or a combination of these healthy top five breakfast choices listed below, and you’ll be able to stay sharp, focused, energized and motivated throughout the day.

1. Bananas

Who doesn’t have a minute or two to eat a banana? The essential vitamins contained in this healthy snack give you lasting energy and relieve stress so that you can start your workday with a calm, clear head. Small Business Trends reported that bananas do all this and more with potassium, vitamin C and healthy carbohydrates to give you energy. Boost your mind power by adding bananas to cereal, which brings us to the next breakfast option for entrepreneurial success:

2. Cereal

Obviously, the sugary cereals aren’t the answer here. Choose a healthy cereal option such a whole grain cereals or those containing almonds. These are the ones packed with fiber, protein, Omega 3s and other healthy vitamins that help to improve your energy and focus like other successful entrepreneurs.

3. Eggs

Eating a couple of eggs in the morning ensures you start your day with protein for energy, and they also improve your mood, according to Mother Nature Network! If you think you might not have time to scramble some eggs in the morning, boil them the night before and then eat them on the go!

4. Berry Smoothies

Smoothies containing blueberries will be the best, but raspberries and strawberries will serve you well too. According to the Syndicate Room, blueberries give you brain power, and their low-fat nature will help to keep you from feeling sluggish. You can have plenty of frozen berries on hand to quickly make a refreshing smoothie in the morning or the night before. Add some yogurt or a banana for extra protein and energy.

5. Nuts and Seeds

While a few nuts and seeds won’t necessarily be a complete breakfast, adding them to smoothies or your cereal can really serve to improve your mood, give you lasting energy and increase your brain power throughout the day. Specifically, Forbes contributor Jody Greene recommends cashews and pumpkin seeds.

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