Top DIY Web Builders for Your Small Business

A website is the modern-day equivalent of a calling card, and it is an effective way to attract customers and provide them with information about your products and services.

A web presence for your small business is also an important part of creating credibility for your business. Now more than ever, consumers utilize the internet to research products and services, and a professional online business demeanor inspires confidence in potential customers.

How to Pick the Best Website Builder

A Do-It-Yourself website builder is an excellent option for small business owners who want to build a website but have no experience in coding or web design. Up until now, you had to be well-versed in HTML and CSS code if you were to construct an effective and professional web presence.

Today, however, there are many DIY web design choices available to you. As a general rule of thumb, an optimal DIY website builder will cover the various technical aspects of design and development. This will enable you to focus on unique content so you can get your small business website up and running in a functional and timely manner.

Many of the builders on the market offer a free basic plan, giving you a chance to test them out so you can determine which one best meets your needs. Here are our picks for the most reliable top website builders for small business owners.


Like most DIY website builders, Weebly is user-friendly. It is a robust and reliable drag-and-drop builder, and its implementation requires no technical knowledge. Weebly features comprehensive web-building tools and an intuitive interface. Any small business owner can build a professional website on Weebly within a couple of hours.

Weebly offers a wide variety of publishing and content tools that help small business owners create a highly customized website, including G Suite for Business, which helps to distribute branded emails. As an upgrade, Weebly can also provide an e-commerce solution to help business owners sell online.


Wix is an industry-leading, cloud-based development platform. It lets small business owners build a professional website with ease. Like Weebly, Wix provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. With the purchase of an upgrade, Wix will also include a domain name for your business website as it provides free and secure hosting.

This DIY web-building platform allows small business owners to easily create customized forms and provides a way for customers to book appointments online. Wix also enables small business owners to create mailing lists, receive customer subscriptions, send invoices and receive payments quickly.


BigCommerce is rich in features that appeal to small business owners. It is a scalable, all-in-one e-commerce solution that helps business owners get the best possible return on investment.

BigCommerce features leading built-in marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. It also boasts secure hosting, unlimited bandwidth and no transaction fees. BigCommerce precipitates a small learning curve, but it does not require any technical knowledge to master. It is a unique e-commerce solution designed to grow with your business.

For small businesses, engaging a professional design firm is often a financial stretch. Today’s technology has made it easier for business owners to put together a respectable website without having any coding skills.

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