hiring great employeesHaving Trouble Finding Great Employees? Here’s Why

Recruiting is often one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. It’s not just about finding an employee with the right skill set; you want one that fits your work culture as well. If you’re having trouble finding qualified candidates, you may be committing one of these four recruiting mistakes.

1.You’re Not Mobile First

Millennials are mobile first. They spend almost a full day (22.4 hours) each week on their phones. If you’re looking for young employees and your recruiting efforts aren’t geared to reach them on their phones, then you’re missing out on a large talent pool. You need to tailor your recruiting efforts to reach millennials where they are, and right now, they are on their mobile devices.

2. Your Methods are Outdated

Classified ads, job boards and job fairs are great and should be a part of a comprehensive recruiting plan, but if that is all you’re doing, then you are leaving a lot of stones unturned. Get with the new century and add social media to your recruiting process. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as other social media websites, can be an excellent way to prospect and meet potential employees. Social media also provides an opportunity to see the personality and values of a potential employee. It’s a good way to see if they are a good fit for your business before you attempt to recruit them.

3. Your Net is Too Small

It is easy to continue to visit the same well you’ve always visited when you look for new employees. Unfortunately, the well may have run dry, and it’s time to expand your search. Limiting yourself to certain schools, websites or job fairs means you’re eliminating a significant group of potential employees. Instead of focusing solely on the where, make your recruitment about the what, meaning the skills, experience and values you’re looking for in a new employee and then find places that fit your ideal employee profile even if they are outside your normal recruiting areas.

4. You Want Too Much for Too Little

Are you in a competitive industry that has a shortage of employees? If so does your compensation package align with the current recruiting environment? If you’re having difficulty finding qualified candidates, it may be because what you’re offering isn’t enough for your particular industry. Take a look at what your competition is offering for similar positions. If you find your compensation is severely out of line with your competitors, it’s time to rethink you’re offering or what you expect from the positions you’re looking to fill.

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